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I am not a professional.
Scott an I were at the Delaware Water Gap, NJ.
I was using a disposable camera, 400 speed, with a flash.
No one was smoking, there were no fires burning.
(none are allowed in this area)
Nothing could be seen with the naked eye.
I was just taking a picture.

Email me at bebb07@yahoo.com




I have included some of the response's I received,

They have not been altered, other than to include their web page link.

Rhonda --

The "mist" really is peculiar. It's difficult to say what it might be,
but there is a theory that magnetic forces in rock might be able to create such images on film. 

Who knows?

Stephen Wagner

About.com Guide to Paranormal Phenomena

Paranormal at About.com



Was anyone smoking? If not you got something...Its what is called

Ectomist..Residue of a spirit unable to be touched but can be observed

and documented. Good Luck..


Jonathan Williams

Co-Director = South Jersey Ghost Research

South Jersey Ghost Research

Hi Rhonda:

What is in the picture is called ectoplasmic mist. Very unusual for it to

show up in a daytime photo such as yours. People will try to debunk it by

assuming you or someone around you was smoking, but as a ghost hunter - I

can tell you there is a distinct difference in the way cigarette smoke and

ecto mist appear on film.

It almost looks as if it's taking the shape of some animals running across

there. I guess one could see a lot of stuff if one stares at it long


In any event, congrats on securing a really awesome ghost photograph. If

you like to have it posted to the NJ Ghost Hunters Society website, let me

know and I'd be glad to do so. Also, perhaps on the Int'l Ghost Hunters

Society website at www.ghostweb.com

New Jersey Ghost Hunters Society

I never open pictures sent by unknown people--there are those who send

Viruses this way. Many so called Christians do things like this in the

misguided belief that they are fighting the devil. If you would like to send

me a copy of the print I will send you my mail box---I have been burned.

Sorry. Richard Senate

Richard Senate Ghost  Hunter

*NOTE*  I sent this guy the web page link just like everyone else.


Unless someone was smoking, it could be ectoplasmic mist.


ghostweb@ghostweb.com (Dave & Sharon of IGHS)

International Ghost Hunters Society

It looks like moving orbs. I will download and take a better look later.


was anybody smoking or near a fire at the time?


The Paradox

The Paradox


Hi, Rhonda. Your picture of your friend with the

amorphous mass floating above it is interesting. On

first glance, it does appear to show a strange,

monster-like apparition. On second look, however, it

becomes clear that the frame is over/double exposed.

Look to the lower right of the 'head' right below the

'mouth' pf the thing. You can see another image (very

faint) of your friend. Also, the 'eye' of the


is just a bare spot where you can see the rock behind

it, not a glowing orb at all. I'm afraid what you've

got is a double or overexposure, with a reflection in

the lens from the flash added into the mix.


It is a very interesting photo, visually, all the




P.I.E. (Paranormal Investigations Ensemble)

Branches in Michigan and Northern California


It looks like a typical ectoplasm mist photo, which is spirit energy on

film, very nice picture, may we use it in our gallery in a future update?

Dave Julinao


The Shadowlands


The Shadowlands

Hi Rhonda,


thanks for visiting my page and signing my guestbook....I really appreciate it, and hope you enjoyed my site. In regards to your picture, I'm no expert, but it does appear that you have something strange there...it looks very similar to a lot of the other pictures I've seen around where a hazy disturbance is seen on film and is believed to be a ghost. If you want to it might be a good idea to ask a few more specialized people who have their own websites on ghostly phenomena (and do their own research on the subject) about your picture. If you need help finding some other good people to ask or have anything else neat to show me, don't hesitate to email me!



Jeremy Carmichael

Jeremy's Page of Gargoyles and the Paranormal


Hello, and thank you for the photo you sent in to my

page. I have posted it, along with a response, in its

very own section entitled "strange guest photo."

What I have gathered from studying the picture, is that it is one of two things, cigarette smoke, or ectoplasm. Ocassionally light from a flash refected off smoke can cause it to look dense, foglike and streaming. However, I am assuming you were not smoking during the taking of the photograph. If this is the

case then I think you could very well have something

paranormal caught on film.

I am not a photograph expert, and it would be nice to have it reviewed by one. In the mean time, its posted and I am asking for responses, which I would

happily post along with it. I encourage you to keep

taking pictures, and maybe doing some historical

research on the area. Please feel free to send in anything else you might find in the future....






Dear Ms. Rhonda:


The PEAR Laboratory studies human/machine interactions in a school of

engineering and applied science. We are unable to explain, or assist you

with, the puzzling situation you have described. Anomalous occurrences

such as the above are beyond our areas of expertise and professional





Arnold L. Lettieri, Jr., Ph.D.

Communications Director, PEAR Lab

C-131, E-Quad

School of Engineering and Applied Science

Princeton University

Princeton, NJ 08544

Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research

Scientific Study of Consciousness-Related Physical Phenomena


Hi Rhonda, Thank you for trusting me to evaluate your ghostly photo. You mentioned there was no smoking and no fires burning at the time of the photo.....that leaves only a few options left to consider......either its a legitimate Ecto-mist photo or a fake. I took the time to study both the picture and the negative for fraudulent tampering and I have concluded that it appears to be a phenomena referred to as Ecto-mist. I believe you have captured a supernatural presence on film and it looks impressive!

Jim Eaton


A few members of The G.I.S. (Ghost Investigators Society) have viewed this picture of your friend with the strange ecto in front of him. We believe that you have captured ghost energy on your film that happened to be there. Water is supposed to draw that kind of energy, and perhaps it is something that has been in that particular area for a long time, since it is a historical area. If it is legit, it is a very good picture of ectoplasm.

Sincerely, Barbara, Barry and Roger with G.I.S.


Ghost Investigators Society

Hi Rhonda,

What you have captured on film is typical spirit energy in the form of

ecto or ghost mist. Yes, you guys were not alone when this photo was taken.

Either a spirit from the area wanted to be seen or a spirit close to either you

or Scott was present. This type of energy manifests into solid looking form

after awhile. If you had taken a number of photos of the same area, you would

have probably seen this energy manifest into something spectacular..

Thanks for sharing,


Christopher Sharlow


In 2004 I received a letter from "Markku Jyväkorpi"

Markku asked permission to use my photograph in his book.

Here are scanned pictures of the book , and pages.